Benedict Arnold is an original musical with a rock and pop score that delves into the character of the infamous turncoat of the American Revolution.

The musical follows Arnold from reckless heroism early in the war through the treacherous acts for which he is remembered to bitter exile in England. And it begs the question: are Arnold and his loyalist wife, Peggy Shippan, America’s answer to the Macbeths? To help us decide, the three witches from Shakespeare’s tragedy lead the couple through the pinnacle of their lives together: Arnold’s betrayal of the rebel cause and his mentor George Washington. And woven into the tale are Peggy Shippan’s conflicted feelings for John Andre, the martyred British spy whose execution by hanging brought him the admiration that Arnold craved. Benedict’s original book, music and lyrics were commissioned by the Spirit of Broadway Theater for a premiere production, that the regional theater intends to revive as an annual event.

Music Samples

  •       1. Something Wicked
  •       2. Two Very Different Men
  •       3. A Gentleman's Reserve


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