DOUG LIVE! was the first completely original book musical ever to be written for Walt Disney World. The six million dollar production, based on the award winning ABC animated television program, mixed a cast of live actors with animated characters from the series, ingenious special effects from the Disney Imagineers and 5 original songs.

But for the best description of the musical, let’s turn to Jim Jinkins, creator of Disney’s Doug, as interviewed for Disney Magazine.: “For the live action show, we combined some of our favorite things we’ve seen happen in the Doug series,” said Jinkins. “Obviously, Doug’s massive crush on Patti is at the center of the story. Throughout the show, Doug tries to be all these other people in order to impress Patti which backfires like crazy, all the way up to the fantasy of Quailman (Doug’s super hero fantasy character). The theme of the musical is that it’s best to be yourself, to trust in who you are.” The result was celebrated as “a laugh-filled live adventure that takes you beyond anything you could ever see on TV!” that was performed for 4 years in the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World.


“Doug Live! should appeal to a wide audience. Even younger children and those unfamiliar with the cartoon will still appreciate the engaging music and colorful sets, as well as the fantasy/action sequence involving Quailman and the triumph of good over evil. This show is highly entertaining!” —

“The greatest show that graced the stage! Adult extras played the “The Beats,” the coolest rock ‘n roll band in the history of the world. In order to be a Beat member, you had to showcase your awesome dance moves at an audition in front of the live theater audience! After casting for “The Beats” comes the casting of Quailkid, Quailman’s trusted sidekick!” — 21 Jumbo Street Fan Site


Jim Jinkins and David Campbell with Doug

Jim Jinkins created the successful animated series, Doug, which ran on Nickelodeon and then on the Disney Channel throughout the 1990’s.  Along with his partner, David Campbell, Jim founded the animation production companies, Jumbo Pictures and Cartoon Pizza.


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